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How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat Hull

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Painting Fiberglass Boat Hull

Fiberglass boats are durable vessels that can last upwards of fifteen years. The problem is that they last so long that their finish starts to wear off over time. If you want to maintain your boats appearance and durability you need to paint the hull…Read More

The Cost of a Boat Paint Job and Doing It Yourself

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Boat Paint Job Cost

Boating is a hobby to some people, while a few use their boats for their profession. With the passage of time, using boats excessively may fade its color. Some people try to contact many professionals. Others try to paint their boat all by themselves. When…Read More

Boat Repair: Gelcoat vs. Painting

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Gelcoat vs Paint

Are you wondering whether to go with gel coat or painting for boat repair? It can be hard to find accurate information about the pros and cons of both options. There are several factors that go into deciding what you’ll be using for repairs. Everything…Read More

Best Primer For Painting Aluminum Boat

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best primer

Aluminum boats have a classic look and appeal that sets them apart from wooden or fiberglass craft. And, they require very specific painting techniques and materials, as well. While aluminum was used in limited marine applications before World War Two, the aluminum boat industry really…Read More

What Is Gelcoat Paint and How to Successfully Apply It

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Gelcoat Application

What is Gelcoat Paint? Gelcoat is a “paint” used on boats. It is made out of resin composed of fiberglass. The paint comes in different colors to add personality to the boat, while also being practical: Gelcoat will not crack because it is specially formulated…Read More

How to Prime and Paint an Aluminum Boat

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Prime and Paint a Aluminum Boat

Aluminum is one of the best materials for building various types of boats, especially hunting and flat-bottomed fishing boats. It is durable, easy to work with and lightweight. However, just like other metals, many aluminum boat owners may find it difficult to paint. The success…Read More

How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat

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painting fiberglass boat

Fiberglass boats are quite sturdy and popular, but unfortunately you cannot tell the quality of its gel coat when you get your boat. Gel coat also acts as a mold release agent and prevents fiberglass from bonding to the boat mold when it is laid….Read More

4 Best Boat Painting Tips

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boat painting tips

On a fiberglass boat, the quality of color they can achieve is magnificent. You can’t help but stare at a well painted fiberglass boat. The colors for these types of boats are held in a gel coat which needs to be maintained quite frequently to…Read More

Indoor/Outdoor Boat Transom Repair

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Boats that carry an indoor/outdoor motor, attached to the transom, are prone to rotting around the bolt holes in the transom. This has nothing to do with how well the boat has been crafted, but is a normal problem through wear and tear. Recognizing and…Read More

Boat Transom Repair Tips

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Nearly all boat repair is within the reach of the dedicated amateur. Despite this fact, however, some repairs require much more commitment than others in addition to some advice from experts on the materials needed for proceeding and the techniques that must be applied. One…Read More

How To Repair Your Boat’s Gelcoat

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While loading your boat onto your trailer, you accidentally nick the bow. Or perhaps you forget to drop your bumpers when you pull up to the dock, and the dock scratches the side. Nothing feels worse than that first scratch in a new boat, but…Read More

Aluminum Boat Repair Tips

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Aluminum Boat Repair

Boat repair can be an intimidating prospect for anyone who has had little to no experience doing the work. However, the vast majority of repairs and maintenance can be performed by the enthusiastic boat owner with very problems. Even repairs that involve aluminum hulls are…Read More

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