4 Best Boat Painting Tips

On a fiberglass boat, the quality of color they can achieve is magnificent. You can’t help but stare at a well painted fiberglass boat. The colors for these types of boats are held in a gel coat which needs to be maintained quite frequently to hold the shine. Although high quality paints will last longer, eventually you just have to repaint to make it look new again.

In order to restore your boat to its former glory, you will need to understand the type of work that’s involved. You need to know at least these four basic tips before starting. The biggest tip that can be given, however, is to not cut corners. You don’t have to paint a boat often, as long as it’s done right the first time.

Before you get started painting, you need to prep the surface. Make sure that you scrape all the algae, barnacles, and other foreign objects off of your boat. This is a pretty self-explanatory tip, but one that needs to be mentioned. Too many people get ahead of themselves and start prepping the boat for painting before actually cleaning their boat. If you don’t clean your boat, the algae and other debris can mix with the paint causing it to flake early.

boat painting tips

Boat Painting Tips

Now you want to make sure to prepare the surface of your boat once it’s clean. The gel coat is porous, but if your boat has been waxed for a long period of time the surface will be too smooth to paint. This is why sanding down the wax and even a little bit of the previous coat of is important; it gives the paint something to stick to. Failing to follow this step will, again, because the paint to become flakey sooner than a proper job.

Strip the boat down, rather than masking off areas. When you mask of areas, such as around screws, it can cause the paint to bubble up. It may sound like a lot of extra work that you wouldn’t normally have to do, but it’s well worth doing it right the first time, rather than painting it again in a years’ time.

Avoid dark colors if you can. Dark colors may be the new thing, but they absorb sunlight. When paint absorbs sunlight it gets dry and starts to flake off and distort. So picking a lighter color will look newer and last longer than dark colors.

As you can see, there is a lot of painting a boat. However, if you don’t paint your boat right the first time, it will cost you in the long run. Your paint could distort, discolor or even flake off if not done properly. This will cost you both money and time in the long run.

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