Awlgrip: Finishing First in Marine Paint

Awlgrips was originally developed in the mid 1970s when two pilots decided to try their aviation paint on boats. The paint was called Alumnigrip, and much to their surprise, it outperformed all other marine paint available at the time. Awlgrips was born.

Primarily owned by AkzoNobel, Awlgrips is one of the few marine paint brands that has an exclusive research and development department who’s sole job is to improve their product. As such, the products from Awlgrips are superior and constantly improving, one of the expectations of modern-day yacht owners. Awlgrips is considered one of the best topside yacht paints on the market.

When you decide to use Awlgrips for your topside yacht paint provider, you are getting more than just paint. You are getting a world-class provider of painting advice from experts, a paint with 12 different stringent quality controls to ensure consistency among the brand, and demonstration video clips and guidance notes.

Awlgrips doesn’t provide just topside paint- although that’s what it’s most known for- they also provide premium antifouling paints that can be used bottomside. In addition, Awlgrips produces primers that are compatible with many different paints and brands. Awlgrips also has products for metal boats in their corrosion inhibiting surface treatments Max Cor and Primer CF.

Yacht owners are always concerned most about the appearance of their boat. After all, they’ve spent a large amount of money on their vessel- they expect only the best and most consistent color. Awlgrips is industry-known for their superior mixing services and huge selection of acrylic urethane high gloss topcoats. Awlgrips also has a metallic topcoat that has effect pigments that make your boat stand out above the rest.

Finally, for areas that require resistance to stains and chemicals, Awlgrips manufactures high solid polyurethane with very high gloss hold-out and superior durability. This is a paint that’s perfect for high traffic areas and regions of your deck that are used the most.

Awlgrip Marine Coatings

Awlgrip Marine Coatings

If you’re a do-it-yourself painter, Awlgrips also has wipe down solvents and reducers to help your paint job be its best. 90% of the work in repainting a boat is surface preparation. Awlgrips creates a multi-use Awlprep solvent which gets rid of wax, grease, and surface contaminants that can ruin a paint job. Finally, when you’re applying your paint, the environment can make a huge difference in cure and dry time. Awlgrips reducers and activators make it easy to known which one to use with your paint.

When you’re ready to paint your deck, Awlgrip topcoats can be used with Awlgrip’s GripTex to provide a slip-resistant and safe surface on your deck. GripTex is a polymer bead aggregate that lasts a long time, has superior slip resistance and can even be used in a spray application! You can also choose the grain, a great option for yachters.

Awlgrip combines over 30 years of marine paint expertise with a commitment to quality. That’s why they are considered one of the best in the marine paint industry.

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