Buffalo Industries, Inc. – Another Green Solution for Cleaning Your Boat

Buffalo Industries, Inc. is one of those companies whose product you’ve probably used on your boat at one time or another and never realized it. Buffalo makes a wide variety of cloth rags for a variety of uses, and their line of marine cloth rags features a solid group of products that see use the world over.
Buffalo Industries has been a “green” company since before the term was ever even coined. Sustainability and recycling are the bases upon which Buffalo was founded. For well over 80 years, Buffalo has been making quality new and recycled cloth rags for the Marine, Paint, Automotive, Janitorial, and Industrial markets. Buffalo helps to keep tons of textiles from going to waste every year through recycling, and as a boat owner, this should make you feel good. Buffalo is preserving the environment for our enjoyment for decades and generations to come.
In spite of the recent challenges that businesses are experiencing the world over, Buffalo continues to grow as a company and remains strong. The company has made current investments for the future to ensure that their customer service, product offerings, warehousing, and sales staff are the cream of the crop. Buffalo Industries has distribution centers in Houston, Seattle, and Atlanta, which puts them in the unique position of being able to service the entire nation cost-effectively and quickly.

In keeping with Buffalo Industries’ focus on the environment and sustainability, the company assists their customers in complying with federal and state EPA regulations by offering a large line of oil sorbents made specifically to handle spills and help contain them. Buffalo has recently introduced an entirely new line of eco-friendly oil sorbents manufactured from cotton grown in the United States and recycled wood fibers. Furthermore, Buffalo Industries’ association with ENPAC Corporation allows them to make their containment and spill prevention products available to their customers via their distribution network.

Buffalo Industries

Buffalo Industries

Getting into the specifics of their marine line, Buffalo offers marine shop towels (red or bleached), marine diaper cloths, marine terry towels, wash mitts (sheepskin, synthetic, or microfiber), microfiber cleaning cloths, ideal-cut wipers for waxing and cleaning, tack cloths (white or tan), recycled and new cloth rags, sponges (combo or scrubbing), and a chamois or cham-pad (both are oil-tanned leather). They also have terry cloth and microfiber applicator pads, flannel dust cloths, cheesecloth, painter’s towels, glass towels, car wash towels, coveralls (disposable and otherwise), and detail towels.

As you can see, Buffalo Industries Inc. knows cloth rags. They have a wide variety of rags for your watercraft, no matter what your current project is. If your watercraft is your baby and you truly treasure it, chances are you want only the best. If you don’t want to risk marring or damaging different parts of your boat’s aesthetics by using the wrong type of towel or product with the wrong grade, it behooves you to take advantage of Buffalo’s products and possibly get one of everything! Best of all, you can be rest assured you’re purchasing from a company with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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