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Boat Bottom Paint: Getting the Most Protection

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To new boaters, the idea of paint on the waterside part of your hull can be a little confusing and intimidating. Most people see paint in terms of house paint or auto paint. It’s not typically seen as a water-resistant finish. This is why marine…Read More

How to Remove Anti-Fouling Paint

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Anti fouling paint is applied to the hull of a boat to protect it from dirt and grime in the ocean. Boat owners remove anti fouling paint in order to apply a new coat to the hull for further protection. While some owners prefer to…Read More

What Are Anti-fouling Paints?

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Anti-fouling paints applied to the bottom of a boat hull prevent the growth of aquatic and marine vegetation and organisms. This growth on the bottom of a boat can slow the boat’s moving speed, drastically reduce fuel-efficiency and cause serious, lasting damage to the boat’s…Read More