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Dorsett – Leading the Field in Marine Carpet Replacement for Decades

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Dorsett Industries is a company that manufactures and designs quality marine carpet for the replacement market, as well as to OEM market (original equipment manufacturers). Dorsett’s styles range from their classics to the latest innovative graphic marine carpet. As a leading designer of marine carpet,…Read More

Corona Brushes – They’re What Marine Paint Needs

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Corona Brushes, Inc. has a history that spans over eighty years and thousands of miles and eight decades, but their commitment to hard work, quality, and ingenuity has never wavered. The company got its start in post-World War I Russia. There, Jude Waksman was apprenticed…Read More

Permatex Marine Products – A Century of Quality

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Permatex is one of those brands that has been around for ages, but not a lot of people realize it. But when it comes time to use a Permatex sealant you’ll be thankful for the 100+ years that Permatex has been making marine products. Permatex…Read More

Buffalo Industries, Inc. – Another Green Solution for Cleaning Your Boat

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Buffalo Industries, Inc. is one of those companies whose product you’ve probably used on your boat at one time or another and never realized it. Buffalo makes a wide variety of cloth rags for a variety of uses, and their line of marine cloth rags…Read More

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