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Ducky Marine Products – The Recognized Authority on Water Spot Removal

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Ducky Marine Products has been around since 1989, starting with the development of Ducky “Original” Water Spot Remover, Ducky Products, their signature product. Ducky has taken pride in their ability to stay at the top of the heap as the established forerunner in the business…Read More

Meguiar’s: Detailing for the Boat Owner

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Boat owners are notorious for taking pride in their marine vessels and taking very good care of them. This includes detailing the inside of their boat and even waxing it to protect the paint and prolong the life of the finish. If you own a…Read More

Redtree Industries – Brushes That Make Marine Paint Perform

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Redtree Industries is a company with a vision when it comes to marine paint brushes and rollers. This company has over three decades of manufacturing experience and has a reputation built on performance, quality, and customer satisfaction. Redtree Industries makes and distributes a complete line…Read More

Evercoat: Repairs for Your Gel Coat and Fiberglass

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Evercoat was originally founded in 1953 as one of the first companies to produce a fiberglass resin that could be used to repair wood boats. Twenty years later, Evercoat had become an automotive industry leader for polyester body fillers and putties. Today, they continue their…Read More

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