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Shurhold: Keeping Your Boat Clean

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Shurhold’s specialty in marine care is in cleaning and boat maintenance. The Shurhold brand in the yacht and boat world is recognized for their innovative cleaning system and simple cleaning solutions that save their customers time and money. When boaters want to detail their yachts…Read More

Incom: Marine Adhesives for Safety and Beauty

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Incom is a marine adhesive company that supplies adhesives for almost any imaginable marine purpose. Their adhesives are super-strong, water resistant, and are perfect for emergency repairs. With a thirty year history, Incom adhesive products are considered the “duct tape” of the marine industry. With…Read More

West System: Epoxies for the Marine World

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Maintaining your boat isn’t just about painting and polishing. It’s also about making sure your hull is free from marine life, free from scratches and dings, and properly sealed to prevent water penetration. Water penetration can ruin a great gelcoat or paint job, and it…Read More

Awlgrip: Finishing First in Marine Paint

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Awlgrips was originally developed in the mid 1970s when two pilots decided to try their aviation paint on boats. The paint was called Alumnigrip, and much to their surprise, it outperformed all other marine paint available at the time. Awlgrips was born. Primarily owned by…Read More

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