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Fillers for Wood Hulls: How to Get a Professional Look

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Wood hulls have been around for centuries, and are often considered the most exquisite material for modern boat making. Wood is classic, chic, and beautiful when treated and maintained properly. It’s also one of the most reliable materials to construct a boat from, especially when…Read More

Best Ways to Use Filler: When to Use It and When to Find Professional Help

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Fillers are somewhat of a mystery to many boaters. The overwhelming amount of information out there about fillers, the many different kinds of boat substrates, and the various brands out there claiming to be the best don’t make the filler selection process easy. Worse yet,…Read More

Fillers for Aluminum Boats: How Not to Make Things Worse

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Aluminum boats are really popular boat choices for new boaters. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to transport, and much lighter than fiberglass. Unfortunately, aluminum is also relatively vulnerable to dents and dings and new boaters are notorious for “banging up” their first boats. A…Read More

Fiberglass Fillers: How to Protect Your Hull and Extend Its Life

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Throughout the course of boating, it’s natural to expect some scratches, dings and even dents. Fiberglass is notorious for its resistance to surface damage, but sometimes even the best boater can scratch the bottom or run into docking hardware. Luckily, there are many fiberglass repair…Read More

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