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How To Repair Your Boat’s Gelcoat

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While loading your boat onto your trailer, you accidentally nick the bow. Or perhaps you forget to drop your bumpers when you pull up to the dock, and the dock scratches the side. Nothing feels worse than that first scratch in a new boat, but…Read More

All About Gelcoat Paint

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Gelcoat is a type of paint for use on boats. It is made out of fiberglass resin and comes in a variety of colors to add personality to your boat. In addition to this, Gelcoat is quite practical because it is specially formulated to bend…Read More

How to Spray Gelcoat: Protecting Your Fiberglass Boat

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Gelcoat is the most common fiberglass boat finish. In fact, almost 90% of fiberglass boats new from the factory come with a gelcoat finish. Gelcoat has a somewhat controversial reputation in boating, but once you’ve decided to stick with a gelcoat instead of paint, you’ll…Read More

Gelcoat Spray Gun: The Right Tool for a Great Job

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Ask any handyman and they’ll be the first to tell you that a professionally done job requires only the best tools. Spraying a boat with gelcoat is no different. If you use the wrong tools, or the wrong thinners and nozzles, your job will be…Read More

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