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Gelcoat Spray Gun Maintenance Tips

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A spray gun can be your best friend when you’re reapplying gelcoat or applying gelcoat to your boat for the first time. Gelcoat is notoriously viscous and can be quite hard to clean up, since it dries quickly and hardens to a very tough coat….Read More

Boat Repair: Gelcoat vs. Painting

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Are you wondering whether to go with gel coat or painting for boat repair? It can be hard to find accurate information about the pros and cons of both options. There are several factors that go into deciding what you’ll be using for repairs. Everything…Read More

How to Refinish a Gelcoat on a Boat

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Gelcoat is a polyester resin that has a coloring substance added to it, which can match the color of your boat so you have a protective coating over your painted boat. Usually fiberglass boats are coated with gelcoat to keep the colors from fading so…Read More

What Is Gelcoat Paint and How to Successfully Apply It

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What is Gelcoat Paint? Gelcoat is a “paint” used on boats. It is made out of resin composed of fiberglass. The paint comes in different colors to add personality to the boat, while also being practical: Gelcoat will not crack because it is specially formulated…Read More

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