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Non-Skid Boat Paint: Necessary for Your Deck

New boaters can make a critical error when they start painting the topside of their boat, including their deck. Some of them will use the same paint they used for the bottomside, often in an attempt to save money or not waste paint. This can…Read More

Fiberglass Paint: Creating an Awesome Fiberglass Paint Job

Fiberglass boats are the most popular boats for new boaters and even experienced boaters. Fiberglass is a relatively new invention in the boating world. Fiberglass is pre-molded at a factory and then coated with a special marine coating called a gelcoat. A gelcoat is an…Read More

Aluminum Boat Paint: Protecting Your Metal Boat

If you own an aluminum boat, you own one of the most popular kind of boats in the world. Aluminum is a great boat substrate because its light, super easy to paint and can last a long time if you maintain your hull. A great…Read More

How to Re-Paint Aluminum Boats

Many people are intimidated at the thought of attempting to paint their aluminum boat. It is really not a difficult job, but it can be time consuming. Most of the hard work (about 80%) is in the preparation, and the proper preparation is where the…Read More

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