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The Cost of a Boat Paint Job and Doing It Yourself

Boating is a hobby to some people, while a few use their boats for their profession. With the passage of time, using boats excessively may fade its color. Some people try to contact many professionals. Others try to paint their boat all by themselves. When…Read More

How to Remove Paint From Aluminum Boats

An aluminum can last an owner for many years if taken care of properly. One area that will sometimes need attention would be the exterior. A decent paint job can ensure the boat is protected from rust and damage. This may seem like a big…Read More

How to Paint a Boat Trailer

If you own a boat, then you likely own a trailer. If you own a trailer, then likely at some point you will want to have it painted or if you are a do-it-yourself person, paint it yourself. You do not need to be a…Read More

How to Paint an Aluminum Jon Boat

A johnboat (the term simply comes from the name; it is attested from 1905) is a flat- bottomed boat that has from one to three bench seats. Such boats are widely used in hunting and fishing tips because they are more stable than other types…Read More

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