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Indoor/Outdoor Boat Transom Repair

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Boats that carry an indoor/outdoor motor, attached to the transom, are prone to rotting around the bolt holes in the transom. This has nothing to do with how well the boat has been crafted, but is a normal problem through wear and tear. Recognizing and…Read More

Aluminum Boat Repair Tips

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Boat repair can be an intimidating prospect for anyone who has had little to no experience doing the work. However, the vast majority of repairs and maintenance can be performed by the enthusiastic boat owner with very problems. Even repairs that involve aluminum hulls are…Read More

Fiberglass Boat Repair Tips You Should Know

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Some of the most durable boats of all are fiberglass boats. Compared to a wooden boat, they require little maintenance; however, they are not trouble-free. Some fiberglass boats suffer damages from collisions, exhaustion from age and moisture or damages due to the forces of nature….Read More

Fiberglass Boat Restoration Tips

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One Layer at a Time Anyone who is taking on a boat restoration project will run into working with fiberglass and gel coats. The techniques for dealing with both major and minor aesthetic repairs will soon take you down this road. Whether you are working…Read More

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