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How to Apply Marine Deck Paint

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Marine deck paint is made to be very tough and resistant to heavy traffic use. Marine paint for your deck also has to be non-skid so its not a safety hazard. After all, the worst thing that could happen on a boat would be for…Read More

Why to Use Marine Spray Paint

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So once you’ve painted both your topside and bottomside, and your boat looks great, why would you ever need to use a marine spray paint? Remember- there’s not just a hull on your boat. Your boat also has mechanical parts that need a coating to…Read More

How to Choose Your Marine Paint Colors

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In the old days, boats used to be primarily made of wood and didn’t have much variety in terms of color. Today’s synthetic chemicals and alkyd pigmentation allows boat owners to choose from a variety of boating colors, even when using two-part paints. With the…Read More

How to Choose the Right Marine Coating

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If you’re new to the boating hobby or industry, you may be surprised to learn that not one size fits all when it comes to marine coatings over your boat. Like a brand new wall, a coat of paint or varnish protects the surface of…Read More

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