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Polyurethane Marine Paint: Alternative to Epoxy

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When you’re boating, the hull and deck of your boat is constantly taking a beating from water, sunlight, and marine life. The good news is that marine paint is specially designed for boats to keep everything new! Marine paint is a specially designed paint that’s…Read More

Marine Paint for Boats: Choosing the Right One

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Marine paint for boats is a great way to personalize your watercraft and ensure the integrity of your hull is protected from the harsh effects of constant water exposure and marine life. Marine paint is used in both bottomside (below the water line) and topside…Read More

How to Set Your Boat Apart From the Rest with Marine Enamel Paint

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The next time you’re around a yacht, take a close look at the topside paint job. Often, you’ll notice that high-quality yachts have a very glossy, almost perfect looking finish. Even after years of abuse and exposure to the environment, this glossy and aesthetically pleasing…Read More

Marine Bottom Paint: Protecting Your Hull

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The bottomside of your boat’s hull is simply the part of your hull that’s under the water line. This part of your hull is the most vulnerable to water damage and marine life attacks. It’s also the part of your hull that takes the most…Read More

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