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Marine Epoxy Paint: Maximum Protection for Your Boat

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Epoxy coatings have been around for about 100 years and are used in many kinds of engineering and building applications. One area where epoxy is especially useful is in marine paint. Marine paint has very specific requirements because it has to stand up to many…Read More

Protecting Your Wood Boat: Marine Paint for Wood

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Wood boats have been around since mankind took to the water. Today, wood boats remain one of the top choices for boaters, especially yacht and experienced sailers. A properly constructed wood boat can last decades even with daily use. There’s nothing like the look of…Read More

Marine Paint: Demystifying the World of Boat Paint

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Painting your boat is not a feat to be taken lightly or by an inexperienced hand. Marine paint is often the first layer on your boat’s exposed side that encounters water. A poor marine paint job spells disaster for the substrate beneath the paint, while…Read More

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