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Prepping Your Boat to Apply a Primer

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The Perfect Solution to Ensuring a Professional Paint Job Just like painting your home or any hard surface, painting your boat is a multi-step task that requires a good start. In fact, almost 80% of the hard work that goes into painting your boat involves…Read More

Best Primer For Painting Aluminum Boat

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Aluminum boats have a classic look and appeal that sets them apart from wooden or fiberglass craft. And, they require very specific painting techniques and materials, as well. While aluminum was used in limited marine applications before World War Two, the aluminum boat industry really…Read More

How to Prime and Paint an Aluminum Boat

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Aluminum is one of the best materials for building various types of boats, especially hunting and flat-bottomed fishing boats. It is durable, easy to work with and lightweight. However, just like other metals, many aluminum boat owners may find it difficult to paint. The success…Read More

How to Pick the Right Primer

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When it comes to painting a boat, not all boats are equal and not all primers for those boats are equal. A primer must be matched the boat and where the boat will be used for the best job. Before applying primer, a hull should…Read More

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