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Popular Thinner Brand Feature Article: Interlux Thinners

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When boat painters are considering which brand to use, they have a few choices to consider. Interlux is one of the largest brands of marine boat paint and they carry an excellent reputation for protection. In fact, many yacht painters rely solely on Interlux because…Read More

Popular Thinner Brand Feature Article: Pettit Thinners

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There are many different marine paint brands to choose from when it comes to selecting a paint for your boat. But it doesn’t take just paint to give your boat a new protective coating. It also takes preparation and another key ingredient: paint thinner. Pettit…Read More

Marine Paint Thinners – How to Ensure Compatibility Between Your Paint and Thinner

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Thinners are a very important part of your boat re-painting process. Some new boat painters are very intimidated by the idea of using thinners. In the marine paint industry, some thinners have a bad reputation for ruining paint jobs or being too harsh on the…Read More

Popular Thinner Brand Feature Article: Blue Water Marine Paint Thinners

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As a boat painter, the array of choices in brands may be a little overwhelming if you’re new to painting your own boat. One brand that’s been around since 1959 is Blue Water Marine Paint, who specializes in both commercial and recreational painting and marine…Read More

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