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Marine Varnish Tips for Keeping Your Brightwork Beautiful

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If you are the owner of a wooden boat with classic varnished surfaces, you may find it difficult to find the time and discipline it takes to keep your vessel in the tip-top condition that elicits admiring remarks from fellow boaters and casual observers alike….Read More

How to Apply Boat Spar Varnish

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Wood on a boat needs to be maintained to keep its luxurious appearance. The effects of the weather, sun and water can dull the sheen and darken the complexion. Boat spar varnish is specially formulated to be used in marine environments and helps to protect…Read More

Correcting a Mistake: How to Salvage a Varnish Job Gone Wrong

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Every now and then, even the most experienced marine painter will complete a varnishing job that they are dissatisfied with on the hull. Varnishing is notoriously difficult and seems to be more of an art than a science. Varnish’s property as a clear thick epoxy…Read More

Varnishes for Fiberglass: Best Tips on to Prolong Fiberglass Hull Life

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Some boaters look at their fiberglass boat and are happy with coating it with a gel-coat every year or so to keep the hull protected. Others spend a lot of time on their boat and recognize that gel-coats may be great at first, but wear…Read More

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