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Brush Secrets for Applying Varnish: Getting That Professional Look

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There’s nothing more annoying than spending hours preparing your fiberglass boat, priming the hull and carefully painting it only to discover ugly brush strokes when you try to apply the final varnish. This is not an entirely uncommon phenomena, especially among first time boat painters….Read More

Wood Varnishes: How to Keep Your Wood Hull Looking Like New

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Wood boats are usually the pride and joy of their owners. They are often the most expensive kind of hull and require a lot of care. But there’s nothing like a properly maintained wood hull. The beautiful colors of wood and the natural look of…Read More

Varnish and When to Reseal: How to Get Professional Results

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Once boat painters have applied their layers of primer and boat paint to the underside of their hull, a common misconception is that the job is complete. After so much work, preparation, sanding and painting, there‚Äôs still one last step that should be completed to…Read More

How to Paint and Varnish Boats

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The first thing a person notices about a boat is the finish. Whether you are a boat person or not, the aesthetic appeal is the first thing you see. Having a nice finish takes hard work, but it is worth it. The methods are vast,…Read More

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