Corona Brushes – They’re What Marine Paint Needs

Corona Brushes, Inc. has a history that spans over eighty years and thousands of miles and eight decades, but their commitment to hard work, quality, and ingenuity has never wavered. The company got its start in post-World War I Russia. There, Jude Waksman was apprenticed in the trade of turning hog bristles into something usable in paintbrush manufacturing. Eventually, Waksman moved his family to Havana, Cuba, where the company was born. Later, the company moved to Tampa, Florida.

Jude and his sons Gregory and David made a name for themselves in this new market and earned the loyalty of many local independent dealers. Soon enough, everyone in the business knew that the Corona name meant the best painting tools around.

Things have changed since Jude Waksman started it all, but the traditions and principles upon which he built Corona Brushes continue to guide the company’s daily operations to this day.

Quality is at the core of Corona’s standards. They carefully craft their rollers and brushes to meet not only their high standards, but also the standards that their customers have come to expect. To Corona, quality means they take pride in what they create. It may seem old fashioned to some, but this is a concept that has guaranteed Corona’s customers the best tools for over five decades.

Ingenuity is another core Corona value. Corona provides its customers with top quality products day after day and year after year. This requires Corona to have the ability to adapt; a challenge they’ve accepted with vision, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. The company has built its reputation for distinctive painting products by applying the most current techniques and new approaches to meet their customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Hard work is another core value at Corona. While Corona Brushes started as a tiny family business, it has since grown and really prospered over the many years due in large part to the company’s heritage of hard work. Corona’s customers recognize that this has translated into top-of-the-line products and exceptional quality that are at the core of Corona’s legacy.

Quality, ingenuity, and hard work – these really are the things that most endure at Corona.

Corona Brushes

Corona Brushes

Delving into Corona’s full line of marine paint brushes, you see how their ideals shine through. Their distinctive formulations of the best quality synthetic and natural materials are perfect for all marine coatings, including resins, bottom paints, and the finest urethane and varnish coatings.

Corona blends stiff, soft, and medium bristles according to the specific coating’s requirements to ensure the right amount of suppleness, flex, and stiffness in each and every brush. They also meticulously hand form the chisel in their finishing brushes in order to provide for sharper cutting-in, which results in neater trim work. This likewise preserves the flaggs that in turn provide considerably better smoother application and paint pick-up. All Corona brushes are epoxy set to endure repeated use and exposure to stress, impact, solvents, and water.

Look to Corona if you’re looking for the best and most long-lasting marine paint brushes out there. As Corona likes to say, anchors aweigh!

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