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Taking care of your watercraft should be at the top of the list if you want your boat to last through the years. The best way to ensure this is to only use quality products designed specifically for marine use. One company that has a high quantity of diverse marine products is CRC. Among CRC’s marine products you’ll find winterizing products, waxes and polishes, vinyl care products, outdoor protection, lubricants, grease, gear oil, fuel additives, fabric care, equipment and accessories, corrosion inhibitors, cleaners and degreasers, and adhesives and sealants. All of these products are compatible with each other and ensure a long boat life.

CRC’s sealants come in a variety of colors (clear, white, red, black, and blue) that serve a variety of needs. They have a wide variety of cleaners and degreasers in a variety of categories as well, including vinyl and rubber, teak, specialized stain, inflatable boat, hull, glass, engine, electronic and electrical, deck, cleaners and oxidizers, carburetor, bilge, and all-purpose.

CRC’s corrosion inhibitors include those in the categories of salt terminators, heavy duty, fogging, electronic, and battery. Their equipment and accessories include sprayers and fluid oil pumps. They also have waterproofers for fabric care.

CRC have fuel additives for both diesel and gasoline engines, along with hypoid gear oil. They also have white lithium, wheel/bearing, and electronic grease. In a similar vein, they have white lithium, trailer bunk board, silicon, and multi-purpose lubricants. These lubricants not only keep your gear from corrosion, but they can also help prevent marine life from entering your sensitive wheel/bearings and other tight spots.

If you need protection when you’re out on the water, CRC has general insect repellent and wasp and hornet repellent. They also have vinyl care products, such as cleaners and cleaner/polishes. CRC also has waxes and polishes such as those for fiberglass, spray wax, and one-step waxes. Finally, they also have winterizing products such as stabilizers, moisture controllers, and fogging products.

CRC Marine Products

CRC Marine Products

CRC has been around for decades and one of their core products was and remains their Engine Stor Fogging 6-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant. They carry over 100 marine products, including those from the Marykate brand that they acquired in 2001. Marykate’s #1 product – and the #1 hull cleaner out there – is On & Off, which CRC still offers to this day.

CRC is one of the best product lines out there for marine maintenance. If you want your watercraft to last, you need to take good care of it and the consistency you get with CRC is top notch. When you deal with CRC’s products, no matter which of their many products you may be using, you get some of the best care you can get for your boat.

Talk to your fellow boat enthusiasts and see what CRC products they use and what their experiences have been with them. You will probably find that many of them use this CRC product or another and have something good to say about it. Finally, try CRC marine products and find out for yourself.

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