Evercoat: Repairs for Your Gel Coat and Fiberglass

Evercoat was originally founded in 1953 as one of the first companies to produce a fiberglass resin that could be used to repair wood boats. Twenty years later, Evercoat had become an automotive industry leader for polyester body fillers and putties. Today, they continue their proud tradition of marine repairs by producing polyester resins, epoxies, and fiberglass and gel coat repair kits.

Evercoat’s polyester resins are best used with fiberglass fabrics and coloring agents to professionally fix larger dents, scratches, and dings. Polyester resins can be used on softwoods and fiberglass. They resist moisture well, resists impacts and restores your hull’s integrity to almost being brand new. Before you apply your resin, make sure you use a laminating resin as a base coat, depending on how much fiberglass you need to rebuild.

Remember that 90% of boat painting and refinishing is in surface preparation. Using the right epoxy or resin filler to treat dings, pinholes and scratches in your hull makes the difference between a so-so paint job to a professionally done paint job that can protect your hull for years to come.

If you need to use a resin on a metal boat, Evercoat Marine’s Boat Yard Fiberglass resin is compatible with many metal types. You must use this with fiberglass fabrics to ensure a proper cure, and these resins can also be color treated for a colorful finish.

When you own a gelcoated boat, repairs can be daunting since gel coats tend to be one fully uniform coat. Luckily, Evercoat Marine has a gelcoat repair kit that comes with everything you need to fix minor scratches and dings in your gelcoat. Remember, it’s essential you repair any part of your gelcoat that may allow water penetration. If water gets under the gel coat, you risk blistering and significant hull damage. With Evercoat Marine gel coat repair kit, anyone can preserve his or her hull.



If you’re reapplying your gelcoat or performing annual gelcoat maintenance, Evercoat makes a premium one-step gelcoat finish to repair or replace the original coat. The non-run, non-sag formula cures to a mirror-like finish and can be colored. You can also thin this gelcoat for application with a sprayer. With one-step gelcoat, you cut your application time in half without sacrificing a superior finish and protection.

Evercoat also has an epoxy resin that can be used to shape, mold, repair, or fiberglass aluminum, steel, close-grained hardwoods and Styrofoam. Evercoat’s epoxy resin can be used with fabrics and color agents to achieve the color and shape you want. For deck coating, Evercoat also manufactures a “Skid-No-More” which coats the surface of your deck and makes it very safe and slip-resistant.

Finally, whenever you are performing significant hull repairs, fiberglass cloth is a necessary part of shaping the repair. The cloth provides a substrate for the resin to stick to and ensures the repair is completely covered and cured. If you’re repairing a smaller area of fiberglass, you may want to consider Evercoat’s polyester resin fiberglass repair kit that comes with everything you need to quickly repair a smaller area.

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