How to Buy Marine Paint

A boat’s bottom is built to spend most of its existence on the water, so the paint that covers its body must be durable enough to withstand the conditions that prolonged sitting in water creates. Marine paint is not used on boats exclusively, but is also applied to oil rigs, Navy ships, yachts, kayaks and dinghies.

From the largest to the smallest water craft, bottom paint will cover the problem and works to prevent odor, scum, rot, and sea organisms that attach themselves to the area underneath.Before purchasing marine paint, it is important that it not contain tributyltin (TBT) as an ingredient. This chemical has been known to be poisonous to fish and has been banned, but is still leaching into the water from older boats.

To treat wood and fiberglass boats, different methods are used. For example, if the boat has a wood bottom, purchase paint thinner, wax sealant, paint primer and marine paint. After removing old paint with the paint thinner, treating it with a wax or varnish sealant should follow. Next, the paint primer should be applied. Once this is dry, the marine paint has a smooth surface to paint upon resulting in a beautiful durable finish.

marine paint

Marine Paint

For fiberglass boat bottoms, instead of purchasing a gel paint, which is costly, or opting for a less expensive gel that won’t last very long, a better tip is to seal with boat repair paint. This acts to prevent blistering and mold. Always prime before applying the marine paint because priming results in creating a smoother appearance and the paint will last a lot longer. For an even simpler solution, a three system coating and marine paint is the best choice for both wood and fiberglass bottoms.

An aluminum boat is prone to water stains, which means three items need to be purchased, and these are a sealer, a primer and the marine paint. The marine paint should be applied after the sealer and primer have dried. The paint must be of a quality that when applied to the hull, it adheres firmly in order to repel stains and heat damage. Fortunately, fans of aluminum boats now have a variety of amazing colors to choose from that will give their aluminum boat that personal touch.

Purchasing a quality product, and taking the time to use the proper steps to apply marine paint, will result in a job well done and a durable, longer lasting boat.

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