How To Care For Your Boat’s Marine Grade Vinyl

Boating is an enjoyable way to spend a day by yourself or with friends. Maintaining the marine grade vinyl in your boat will result in comfortable seating and less time spent getting the boat ready. Few things are as uncomfortable as torn or worn out vinyl seating. Mildew and stain covered seats are not inviting or comfortable-looking even if they have been scrubbed prior to use.

The definition of marine grade is that the fabric is waterproof and will not easily be damaged by exposure to the elements or salt water. Even so, you should take the time to keep it as dry and protected as possible. Anything on your boat from vinyl sails, pontoons, seats and more should be cared for to keep your boat in peak condition. Follow these guidelines to have the best looking boat on the water:

•After each trip, clean the boat thoroughly. Use a mild dish-type soap and cloth to wash all salt water, dirt and contaminants off the vinyl.

•Remove mildew with a 10 percent solution of bleach and water. That means to use nine ounces of water for every ounce of bleach. Moisten the area and allow the bleach to set for 15 minutes; rinse and dry completely.

•Use a sealer on stitched seams; these are not waterproof; the inside materials can be damaged.

•Do not use harsh cleaners or all-purpose cleaners; the chemicals can damage the vinyl. Check your owner’s manual to see what product is recommended. This can also help you avoid trouble with the warranty.

•Remove ink stains by using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Follow up by rinsing the area with water and drying thoroughly.

•Blood and most food spillage can be removed by using soap and water as quickly as possible. As with all stains, removing them before they set is the best way to avoid the problem.

Marine Vinyl

Marine Vinyl

•Any time the boat is in sitting in the driveway or in a storage center, keep it covered with the proper tarp. Regularly check the covering for tears, animals getting underneath or other types of damage.

•Use a marine grade UV protectant to keep your boat’s vinyl looking its best. Routinely spray it on all vinyl and rubber surfaces. Wipe with a clean, lint free cloth to remove any drips or pooling.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, keeping your boat’s vinyl in top shape does more than prevent the need for repairs or recovering costs. If you ever want to sell your boat, you can ask for a better price. A well-maintained boat will receive a higher appraisal value for insurance purposes. If you need to make an insurance claim for your boat, you could receive a better settlement than one offered for a poorly maintained one. You could also make extra cash by renting out your boat; the better it looks, the more you can charge. You can also charge a higher deposit to encourage clients to take as much care with your boat as you do.

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