How to Choose the Right Boat Paint Color

Choosing a new paint color for a boat not only enhances the boat’s appearance, but protects the owner’s investment. Regular maintenance helps ensure that a boat retains its value. In addition, painting a boat every few years can also enhance a boat’s performance and shield the boat from water damage. Antifouling and gelcoat are the two main types of paint that boat owners will need to paint their boats.

Antifouling paint is one of the primary types of paint required as a barrier to the water. This paint is normally used for the bottom of the boat. Antifouling paint will help protect the boat from algae growing on the bottom of the hull. Not all boats require this paint, but the antifouling paint can help protect a boat from water damage. Boats that are not in the water for long are less likely to require antifouling paint. The paint used for the bottom of the boat will mainly depend on the intended purpose of the vessel.

Nevertheless, hull fouling can occur even on boats that have only been in the water for two to three days. White or off white is the most prevalent colors for a boat’s hull. The color can also be described as cream or a pure white. Other colors can be chosen for the bottom of the boat, darker colors are better able to absorb the scuff marks that may occur.

Boat Paint Colors

Boat Paint Colors

Gelcoat is the main option to add color and personality to the topside portion of the boat. The gelcoat is a special composition of paint that contains resin and fiberglass. The paint is long lasting and is designed not to bend or stretch. The general purpose gelcoat is the best option to prevent any damage or marring to a boat. The gelcoat must have a catalyst added in order for the paint to harden correctly. The standard amount is 1 to 3 percent applied to the paint.

Selecting a paint color for the topside portion of the boat is essential to create an attractive craft. Boat owners will have an assortment of paint options available. Making a selection is very important since the top side paint can drastically change the look of a boat. Selecting a color preference for the top side will be based on color preference. White and off white are still popular colors, but there are bolder options available. Popular topside boat colors include blues, burgundy and reds. Pastels are the best option for fishing boats to provide the most advantage during fishing trips. Brighter colors may be distracting while sailing in the water.

Selecting the best color combination is mainly based on personal preference. Boat owners must consider the type of boat they are using and how the color will impact their boating experience. Sanding and priming may be required to prepare the boat for painting. Several coats of paint may be required if a darker color was used prior to the new coat.

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