How to Paint Aluminum Boats

Boat owners, especially those who have owned a boat for a long period of time or chosen a used boat, will find their boat in need of a new coat of paint in some point in time.

It is important to be aware that there are special steps that must be taken and one that is most essential, is paying attention to what type of boat needs to be painted.

An aluminum boat needs to be handled in a certain way and it is not like slapping paint on a house. Preparation and the proper materials are key before getting started.

Painting Aluminum Boats

Painting Aluminum Boats

The first step is to make sure the boat is completely dry while up on a boat stand or sawhorses. One of the best times to consider painting a boat would be after it has been in storage for a season although this may not apply to locations where the climate permits leaving the boat in the water all year. There is also the possibility that the original paint will need to be stripped. A primer is the first step and must be aluminum oxide.

Budgeting time wisely could aide in the process, planning one day for sanding, cleaning, and priming before moving on to the final application of paint on the next day. Water-resistent paint is a must for a boat, an obvious recommendation. Once the paint has been applied and dried completely, clear coat is a wise choice and can be applied the following day. Clear coat gives the boat a shiny appearance and also provides extra protection of the paint job, cutting down on how often a boat must be painted.

For the person who wants a new appearance and uses the boat for entertaining, clear coat is a great finishing touch. For the person who likes a rugged look or uses the boat for hunting or fishing, a flat or matte appearance may be preferred. One can be creative and paint a camouflaged look or use dull colors that will blend with the scenery. If that’s the intention, the boat will need paint more often.

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