How To Paint An Outboard Motor With Aerosol Can Paint

Outboard Motor painting is not off the wall difficult but it does require some knowledge of the subject. Learning these key steps to renew a motor can be beneficial in a lot of ways, especially selling.

Just remember, if this is something you plan on doing do not plan any type of traveling involving this piece for at least 2 weeks, this task is a process.

Items you need:

-Primer and paint
-Damp Sandpaper – 400, 800, 1,000-2,000
-Polishing compound
NOTE – Try to buy the same brands of paint and primers. Also, try to buy the paint from an automotive shop instead of the hardware stores.


-Sand item using the 400 grit sandpaper. If the part you wish to paint possesses a decal you would like to protect apply painters masking tape, preventing you from peeling or destroying you decal art.

-Next will be the most fun part, cleaning. Warm soapy water or the soaking in some Castrol Superclean to remove oil is the best avenue to venture on. Scrub the oil with a toothbrush and Castrol Superclean and inspect throughout to make sure clean, take out gouge before moving on.

-If mental or plastic apply the right adhesion and then move on to prime. Apply a very light primer and allow 4 hours to pass and make sure the primer is dry before moving on to any further steps.

-Check for cracks, seams, or very low spots. If found you may need to smooth them out because continuing without will cause a unpleasant ending.

-(If needed) Try to remove low spots and scratches with the 400 sandpaper. This step is used to bring a smooth level to this piece.

-Once the service is smooth and leveled proceed to apply next primer.

-After you primer know your about to be painting soon. Clean your item and make sure there is no oil on the surface.

Painting An Outboard Motor

Painting An Outboard Motor

-Get your paint ready, shake for 2 minutes and warm in hot water for a couple minutes. Make sure surface is clean once more, paint will look all funky if the surface it is being applied to is not clean. Once you have done that proceed to painting, watch for drips though.

-After allowing to dry for 2 days check out your piece . You should see a couple scratches this is fine. Damp the 600 grade sandpaper and sand them away. To remove deeper scratches and the orange peel effect from using spray paint use the 800 grade sandpaper (wet with warm soapy water). Sand until orange peel vanishes.

-Clean again and then repeat the paint steps only this time add a thicker coat. Allow 2 days for drying.

-To remove scratches or make polishing easier use the 1000 – 2000 grit sandpaper. The high quality rubbing compound will leave a beautiful light hazy look. Don’t apply polish for about a month.

Most people believe that a motor is nothing to play with and I understand. You may think painting for yourself is not the right thing to do but it is not rocket science. Try on a little piece first to test the waters, try it!

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