Interlux: Premium Boat Paint for the Professionals

Many boaters dream of owning a beautiful, smooth, well-maintained yacht or sailboat one day. Well, you don’t have to go out and buy a $100,000 plus boat anymore to have a great looking vessel. Interlux marine paint makes it easy for anyone with a boat to have a beautiful, much more expensive-looking boat. Best of all, Interlux’s products protect your boat from the elements, including marine life, salt, and even UV from the sun.

Interlux is one of the premier marine paint suppliers in North America, and they focus on one-part and two-part epoxies, anti-fouling paints, and whole-system marine painting products. When you buy into Interlux’s brand, you are getting much more than just a gallon of marine paint. You are getting superior primers and anti-fouling technology that’s rivaled by very few competitors in the industry.

Whether you have a metal, fiberglass, or wood boat, Interlux has something for you. A great Interlux paint job begins with the right primer. Interlux has several available, depending on what kind of boat you have and if you are using an anti-fouling system. InterProtect and Primocon are Interlux’s most popular primers and are completely compatible with their line of marine paint as long as you follow the instructions.

When you’re ready to apply paint, Interlux has several options: a two-part system, one-part system, or a sand-free system. The most protection you get is from Interlux’s two-part epoxy system. Of course, this system also takes the most time to apply and requires sanding. Interlux’s one-part system is great for the weekend warrior. There’s no mixing required and the application system is very simple.

If you want a quick job that provides a good deal of protection, Interlux’s sand-free line of marine paint is perfect. With just a few days, you can have a fully painted boat with little to no sanding. This line of Interlux products even comes with an antifouling line, so if you’re in a moderate fouling zone, the no-sand system is a great option if you need a quick paint job.

Interlux is one of the few marine paint providers who also specialize in topside paints. Interlux distinguishes itself with premium high-quality topside varnishes that are designed to seal, protect, and beautify wood topsides. Interlux’s topside varnishes bring out the natural rich color of wood, which makes your boat very striking and distinctive.



Interlux also carries a line of topside marine paint, which comes in almost any color imaginable. Better yet for yacht owners, Interlux has a special line of enamels that make your yacht have a mirror-like finish.

Since safety when boating is always a top concern, Interlux also carries a line of slip-resistant polyurethane paint that stands up to the toughest boater. Interlux’s commitment to safety makes their slip resistant paints an easy solution to deck finishing that’s one-step, UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, and extra safe.

When you buy an Interlux marine paint system, you’re also getting the help of thousands of boat painters who post on the Interlux forums. Interlux also has a professional help line to assist boat painters in solving their tough boat painting problems. Interlux isn’t just a paint, it’s a way of life for painters.

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