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Fiberglass Fillers: How to Protect Your Hull and Extend Its Life

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Fiberglass Fillers

Throughout the course of boating, it’s natural to expect some scratches, dings and even dents. Fiberglass is notorious for its resistance to surface damage, but sometimes even the best boater can scratch the bottom or run into docking hardware. Luckily, there are many fiberglass repair…Read More

Primers for Fiberglass Boats: Five Secrets to Success

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Primers for Fiberglass Boats

Fiberglass boats are a popular choice for boaters of all experience levels. They are very easy to take care of and typically do not dent or ding as easily as aluminum boats. They are also available in a variety of colors, sizes and are suitable…Read More

Varnish and When to Reseal: How to Get Professional Results

Posted in Varnishes
Marine Varnish

Once boat painters have applied their layers of primer and boat paint to the underside of their hull, a common misconception is that the job is complete. After so much work, preparation, sanding and painting, there‚Äôs still one last step that should be completed to…Read More

Prepping Your Boat to Apply a Primer

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Applying Primer

The Perfect Solution to Ensuring a Professional Paint Job Just like painting your home or any hard surface, painting your boat is a multi-step task that requires a good start. In fact, almost 80% of the hard work that goes into painting your boat involves…Read More

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