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Fillers: Best Ways to Prep Your Boat for Painting

Posted in Fillers
Boat Paint Filler

The bottom of your boat is one of the most abused and well-used parts of your water vessel, whether you boat in saltwater or freshwater. Your boat’s hull is constantly exposed to the environment and when you begin your boat painting project, you’ll often realize…Read More

Boat Paint Thinners: Top Reasons Why Thinners are Used

Posted in Thinners
Boat Paint Thinner

Paint thinners are special agents used during boat painting to decrease the viscosity (the resistance of a fluid) of the paint. Paint is comprised of a binding medium and pigment, and paint thinners are designed to break down the relationships of the binding medium. This…Read More

How to Re-Paint Aluminum Boats

Repainting Aluminum Boats

Many people are intimidated at the thought of attempting to paint their aluminum boat. It is really not a difficult job, but it can be time consuming. Most of the hard work (about 80%) is in the preparation, and the proper preparation is where the…Read More

How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat Hull

Painting Fiberglass Boat Hull

Fiberglass boats are durable vessels that can last upwards of fifteen years. The problem is that they last so long that their finish starts to wear off over time. If you want to maintain your boats appearance and durability you need to paint the hull…Read More

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