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How to Paint and Varnish Boats

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Paint And Varnish Boats

The first thing a person notices about a boat is the finish. Whether you are a boat person or not, the aesthetic appeal is the first thing you see. Having a nice finish takes hard work, but it is worth it. The methods are vast,…Read More

What is Marine Varnish Used For?

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marine varnish

Varnish is the clear finish that is used as a finish on boats and other wooden crafts. It is a hard film or coating that protects the wood that is underneath from being scratched or damaged. Varnish is usually a mixture of three components, which…Read More

How to Properly Clear Coat a Wood Boat

clear coat a wood boat

These instructions are made specifically for a wood boat! A fiberglass boat is a different process.┬áThe items you will need to get the job done properly are as followed: 1. Four Types of Very Fine Sand Paper(400,600,800,1000 grade) 2. Steel Wool 3. Compressed Air Spray…Read More

How to Paint the Bottom of Your Boat

painting the bottom of a boat

For some boat owners, a good paint job makes your boat shiny and new. This is true especially if you also paint the bottom of your boat. Painting the bottom of your boat also adds durability to your boat. When the bottom of your boat…Read More

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