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How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat

painting fiberglass boat

Fiberglass boats are quite sturdy and popular, but unfortunately you cannot tell the quality of its gel coat when you get your boat. Gel coat also acts as a mold release agent and prevents fiberglass from bonding to the boat mold when it is laid….Read More

How to Pick the Right Primer

Posted in Primers
boat paint primer

When it comes to painting a boat, not all boats are equal and not all primers for those boats are equal. A primer must be matched the boat and where the boat will be used for the best job. Before applying primer, a hull should…Read More

Boat Painting Fillers – Types, Uses and Application

Posted in Fillers
boat painting fillers

When repainting a boat, the surface of the hull is likely to have small dings, nicks and holes especially where rivets and screws are located. To cover these imperfections and provide a uniformly smooth surface, a filler material is applied. This patching process and the…Read More

What Are Boat Top Coat Paints?

Posted in Top Coat Paints
Boat Top Coat Paints

A top coat for a boat is the paint that makes up the final look; aside from adding aesthetic value, the top coat will add protection and durability to the boat’s finish. Surface painting and refinishing of a boat can be a bit complicated. When…Read More

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