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What Are Anti-fouling Paints?

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anti-fouling paints

Anti-fouling paints applied to the bottom of a boat hull prevent the growth of aquatic and marine vegetation and organisms. This growth on the bottom of a boat can slow the boat’s moving speed, drastically reduce fuel-efficiency and cause serious, lasting damage to the boat’s…Read More

How to Paint a Boat Hull

painting a boat hull

Since the hull of your boat suffers extended exposure to tiny marine creatures and water, which may cause the damage of the boat, it is vital to make use of the best techniques and materials when painting the hull. An appropriately painted hull stands firm…Read More

How to Paint a Boat Deck

painting a boat deck

While painting a deck can be exigent, it is certainly within the capabilities of any gung-ho boat owner. By removing as much hardware as possible, you benefit in many ways.1. It offers a smoother surface allowing for easier painting. 2. Painting under unattached hardware gives…Read More

Aluminum Boats Painting Tips

painting an aluminum boat

There are very strict guidelines for painting aluminum boats. It needs extensive preparation first, and the painter must wear protective clothing and gear because highly toxic chemicals are used for preparing and painting aluminum boats. The paint and primer needs to be industrial-grade. Also needed…Read More

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