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How to Buy Marine Paint

marine paint

A boat’s bottom is built to spend most of its existence on the water, so the paint that covers its body must be durable enough to withstand the conditions that prolonged sitting in water creates. Marine paint is not used on boats exclusively, but is…Read More

4 Best Boat Painting Tips

boat painting tips

On a fiberglass boat, the quality of color they can achieve is magnificent. You can’t help but stare at a well painted fiberglass boat. The colors for these types of boats are held in a gel coat which needs to be maintained quite frequently to…Read More

How to Paint a Boat

boat painting

There are three kinds of boats and each requires a little different paint job for it to last. In all cases, a marine-grade paint is necessary to get the maximum life from the paint job. Wood Boat Paint on a wooden boat is more than…Read More

How to Paint Aluminum Boats

Painting Aluminum Boats

Boat owners, especially those who have owned a boat for a long period of time or chosen a used boat, will find their boat in need of a new coat of paint in some point in time. It is important to be aware that there…Read More

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