Permatex Marine Products – A Century of Quality

Permatex is one of those brands that has been around for ages, but not a lot of people realize it. But when it comes time to use a Permatex sealant you’ll be thankful for the 100+ years that Permatex has been making marine products. Permatex makes marine products that keep your boat running, plain and simple. After all, boating isn’t just about how your boat looks- it’s also about keeping the running parts moving smoothly. Without a proper engine, your boat will be useless no matter how great it looks!

If you do all your own work on your boat’s engine and other mechanical parts, you need to use the right kind of sealants and other products. They have to be graded for marine use, for one thing, but for another you want to make sure that they are of high quality. Permatex has you covered on both accounts.

First let’s address sealants. There’s nothing worse than a perfectly fine gasket blowing because it was not properly sealed. The company makes quality gasket sealants, but one of Permatex’s main products when it comes to marine maintenance is their sealant called Right Stuff. Right Stuff actually replaces pre-formed gaskets entirely and is blowout resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit intermittently (450 degrees continuous), resists a variety of fluids, and protects against leaks caused by thermal expansion and vibration. It is also sensor safe.

Permatex also makes a variety of protective products graded for your marine engine. They have a quality corrosion protection in their tune-up grease that protects against salt, corrosion, and dirt. They also make mid- and high-strength threadlockers.

Permatex also has a rust treatment product that destroys old rust and protects against new rust forming. Once you spray or brush the rust treatment on, it also serves as a primer that can be painted. This makes maintenance super easy and allows you to keep your boat looking fresh with very little money.

Permatex also has a battery protector & sealer that is graded for marine use. It increases battery life and prevents terminal corrosion and is ideal for use when your boat is in storage or in use. This is very important especially in high saltwater regions.

Permatex Marine Products

Permatex Marine Products

They also make a few anti-seize lubricants graded for marine use. Permatex’s baseline anti-seize lubricant is a blend of graphite, copper, and aluminum in a petroleum base and is moisture, salt, and corrosion resistant. Permatex also makes a copper anti-seize lubricant and a nickel anti-seize lubricant for more specialized needs, such as those under high pressure, high temperatures, or requiring electrical conductivity.

We’ve addressed a variety of Permatex marine products here, but this is just scratching the surface. Permatex also makes everything from pneumatic and hydraulic sealants to marine cleaners and vinyl and leather repair kits. This is a company that has been dedicated to boat maintenance for over 100 years and it shows.

If you need to perform routine maintenance tasks on your boat’s engine or other mechanical parts, you can’t do better than Permatex’s marine products. Branching out, you can also call upon Permatex for a lot of general care when it comes to your watercraft.

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