Pettit (Kop Coat) Marine Boat Paints: A Legacy of Quality

One of the most popular brands of marine boat paint is the Pettit brand. With a well-recognized logo and internationally available colors and products, Pettit is a top pick because of its long company history and superior quality. Boat owners from yachters to weekend warriors use Pettit to protect and ensure the longevity of their hulls.

Pettit is an offshoot of “Kop Coat”, a leading wood paint and varnish producer that’s been around for decades. Kop Coat created the Pettit brand when they recognized the need for superior marine paint and hull protection services. Kop Coat originally specialized in wood treatment and wood preservation, using special paints, strippers and treatment chemicals to preserve and restore wood.

Kop Coat transferred their decades of experience protecting wood into the art of marine paint and boating. With the creation of their Pettit brand, Kop Coat became one of the top marine paint producers in the world. Pettit offers both topside and bottomside paint solutions.

Pettit produces marine paint for almost all kinds of boats, including aluminum, wood, and even fiberglass. Petit’s most popular product is their epoxy protection paint and anti-fouling epoxy, which is suitable for almost any substrate. And if you’re an aluminum, iron, or steel boater, Petit even carries a Zinc coating marine paint that will keep barnacles from your boat and preserve the life of your metal boat.

Pettit’s anti-fouling paint is suitable for even very high fouling areas, such as the Caribbean and other warm water topical regions. Pettit’s anti-fouling epoxy not only contains a biocide to prevent marine infestation, but it also protects your hull with a strong 2-part epoxy that lasts for seasons.

In addition to paint, Pettit also carries a multitude of cleaning and solvent agents that make marine painting quick and easy. For those painters who need to remove wax, Pettit carries one of the strongest dewaxing products on the market. Pettit also markets easy to use pre-mixed solvents that you can spray in between coats of paint to ensure you have a clean, prepared surface.

Pettit (Kop Coat) Marine Boat Paints

Pettit (Kop Coat) Marine Boat Paints

And for those who rely on their epoxy finishes, Pettit carries a line of Pettit-paint compatible thinners that will allow you to apply paint quickly in almost any temperature environment. Like every experienced marine painter will tell you, it’s essential to ensure your primers, thinners, and solvents are compatible with your epoxy paint. Otherwise, you risk an incomplete cure, prolonged drying times, and uneven finishes.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quality topside paint, Pettit offers wood varnishes and anti-slip deck paints that are sun and mold resistant. Whether you keep your boat docked in the sun or kept in a boat house, Pettit topside paints and epoxies will protect your boat and make it look like a new vessel.

While painting your boat may be a time-consuming and difficult task, using the right supplies guarantees that your finished job will be top notch.

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