Popular Thinner Brand Feature Article: Blue Water Marine Paint Thinners

As a boat painter, the array of choices in brands may be a little overwhelming if you’re new to painting your own boat. One brand that’s been around since 1959 is Blue Water Marine Paint, who specializes in both commercial and recreational painting and marine coatings. Blue Water Marine Paint has an array of options for boat paint, many of which are rated as excellent among their worldwide customers.

Blue Water Marine Paint thinners are relatively easy to understand, which is preferable for new boat painters. Blue Water Marine Paint’s primary thinner is their 974 Reducer and Thinner. 974 Thinner is a great all-purpose thinner to use with enamels, primers and even wood finishes. It’s also an excellent solution for cleanup and even surface preparation. For use in hotter climates, this thinner slows drying and allows for more even leveling and easier brushing against the boat substrate.

If you are prepping a fiberglass hull for a new paint job, it’s imperative that you thoroughly clean and “dewax” the surface of the fiberglass. Oil, grease and even manufacturing chemicals remain on the fiberglass and over time, these can break down a new paint job. Blue Water Marine Paint 973 Dewaxer is the thinner and solvent of choice for prepping fiberglass. The 973 Dewaxer gets rid of all these impurities and ensures your fiberglass surface is “purified” before you apply your first coat of primer. Without doing this, you risk paint flaking and a short lifetime of your paint job.

Blue Water Marine Paint Thinners

Blue Water Marine Paint Thinners

If you are planning on spray painting your boat, you need to use a reducer to thin the paint. Most marine paints are much too thick for a spray nozzle without thinning. This is a property of oil-based paints. They are very thick and without a reducing agent, it’s impossible to use them in a spray paint system. Blue Water Marine Paint 975 Reducer allows you to effectively spray paint with an oil-based paint.

Finally, if you are using a two-part painting system, you must use an appropriate thinner to mix with the pigment. An all-purpose thinner does not work with a two-part system. It can even ruin the paint. Blue Water Marine Paint 976 Epoxy and Urethane Reducer is the thinner of choice with two-part Blue Water Marine Paint systems. Using a two-part system ensures maximum protection of your boat hull. Two part systems take longer to prep for and apply, but they are the most complete coverage you can get with a marine paint system. You should never use the 976 Thinner as an all-purpose cleaner either- the 974 Thinner is the all-purpose cleaner.

Proper surface preparation is the most essential step of painting your boat. If you have poor preparation, it doesn’t matter what brand of paint you use – the job will not work effectively or will even look bad. Sanding and cleaning between coats, using a primer, and using the correct thinner ensures your job is not only professional looking, but attractive.

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