Popular Thinner Brand Feature Article: Interlux Thinners

When boat painters are considering which brand to use, they have a few choices to consider. Interlux is one of the largest brands of marine boat paint and they carry an excellent reputation for protection. In fact, many yacht painters rely solely on Interlux because of its recognized quality and superior glossy shine.

So once you’ve bought your boat paint from Interlux, what’s the next step? The next step is to consider what kind of thinners and solvents you’ll need to use with your boat paint. To obtain the best results with your Interlux paint, you should consider using Interlux thinners.

Interlux has several kinds of thinner available, depending on your boat substrate and the kind of paint you’re using. Every painter understands how important surface preparation is before you start priming and painting.

If you have a fiberglass hull, Interlux makes a special solvent designed just for your boat. The Interlux Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 is designed to be used to clean the surface of your boat prior to painting and can also be used as a clean-up agent. The 202 Solvent Wash is also useful for cleaning down aluminum boat surfaces.

For general thinning applications, Interlux Thinner 216 is a fast-drying solvent that aids drying and is an excellent spray thinner, if needed. Suitable for both fiberglass and aluminum, Special Thinner 216 is an important tool for any boat painter and is also the thinner of choice for colder climates. It can also clean up tools.

Interlux Brushing Liquid 333 is a slow-drying solvent, which means unlike the 216 mixture, this solvent is good for hot climates where paint can dry too fast. It also conditions Interlux paints to brush on more easily and level better during drying. This thinner can also be used to clean off wood hulls and it is suitable for both aluminum and fiberglass.

Interlux Thinners

Interlux Thinners

Interlux Brush-Ease 433 is only for use with antifouling paints. This is a slow drying solvent that eases brushing and is useful in hot climates. It’s not all-purpose though and should never be used with regular paints – just antifouling paints.

Finally, Interlux makes a special reducing solvent that’s used in the two-part epoxy and polyurethane painting system called Reducing Solvent 2316N. This is not an all-purpose thinner and should only be used with the corresponding two-part paint. In a two-part painting system, the thinner and paint are mixed before they are applied. The amount of 2316N depends on the paint that’s used and directions are always on the can or bottle.

It’s very important to use the correct thinner or else you risk ruining a perfectly good can of paint, or worse – an entire paint job. When used correctly, thinners can give your boat that brand new professional paint job look that’ll make your boat the envy of the dock. Interlux is an outstanding brand to rely on for a quality long-lasting paint job.

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