Sea Hawk: For the Serious Yachter

Sea Hawk is one of the most well-known yacht bottom paint brands on the market. Since 1978, Sea Hawk Premium Yacht Finishes have been protecting yachts all around the world with their complete line of primers, bottom paints, antifouling paints and epoxies.

Sea Hawk’s pride and joy is their complete line of antifouling paints that are hailed as some of the best in the industry. Sea Hawk has one of the most diverse paint selections in the boating world, with four different premium biocides, tons of self-polishing copolymers and even four different types of copper-free antifouling paints. Sea Hawk also offers hard-modified epoxies and tin-based antifouling paints for exported products.

When you paint with Sea Hawk, you also want to use Sea Hawk primer for the best results and protection. Sea Hawk offers a high-build epoxy, which carries the most protection for your hull surface. They also offer a non-sanding primer which reduces application time and is good for moderate levels of protection. For your boat components, Sea Hawk also offers Outboard and Outdrive primer in a convenient spray can to reduce salt corrosion and ensure your outdrives’ components long life. Finally, for metal boats, Sea Hawk carries an Alumni-Chrome primer and a strontium chromate primer to reduce corrosion.

Every marine paint job involves cleanup and surface preparation. In fact, 90% of the work I marine painting is in surface prep and hull repair. Boats take a lot of abuse- from marine life, constant exposure to saltwater, changing temperatures, and even poor boating practices.

To answer the surface preparation question, Sea Hawk carries a line of marine paint strippers that safely get rid of old peeling, blistering, and cracking paint. Sea Hawk also has a S-80 Wax and Grease Killer, which is perfect for preparing the surface of a gelcoat finish for new coating. Sea Hawk also has a de-waxing etch and cleaner that’s perfect for initial surface prep. Depending on your cleanup and solvent usage, Sea Hawk has everything from acetone to toulene for your next paint job.

Sea Hawk Paints

Sea Hawk Paints

When you’re applying epoxy, the environment can wreak havoc on your final job. If it’s too cold or too hot, your epoxy won’t cure or it will become too thick. Sea Hawk makes reducing your epoxy quite simple with their “Cool Weather Reducer” and “Hot Weather Reducer”. And if you just need regular reducer, they have that as well.

Finally, Sea Hawk distinguishes itself from other brands because they also carry gel coat and marine resin. For fiberglass boats treated with gel coat, Sea Hawk is an excellent choice for refreshing your boat’s coating or completely re-doing it. Sea Hawk’s superior finish ensures it’s long-lasting and super tough against scratches and marine life. Sea Hawk’s gel coat is also available in many colors, from white to blue to yellow.

No matter what your needs are, if you’re a perfectionist and you want the absolute best paint or gelcoat for your boat, Sea Hawk is one of the best in the industry.

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