Star Brite: Not Just About the Paint

Everyone who’s ever painted a boat or done any sort of marine hull maintenance knows that you can’t just buy paint and expect the job to get done itself. It takes a lot more than paint to do a great job- you need everything from thinners, the proper brushes, cleaning aids, and epoxies. You also need polishes and waterproofing supplies, especially if you have a wood or teak boat.

Before you begin to paint, you always need to make sure your surface is clean and ready for a new coat. Alternatively, even if you’re not going to paint, you probably want to wash your boat down every now and then to ensure it looks good and the surface is protected from grime saturation. Star Brite carries a whole line of boat washing products that are super concentrated (so you save money) and environmentally friendly. These washing products are guaranteed to clean off salt residue, grime, and are also streak free.

Star Brite also carries a line of products for the wood boat, including a power pine wash and wax formula that makes protecting your wood boat super easy. The pine wash is available in many sizes, including bulk, which makes cleaning and protecting your wood boat inexpensive.

If you’ve ever owned a metal boat, one of the biggest problems especially in high fouling areas is the risk of corrosion. Even the best-painted metal boat can succumb to water penetration. If you find yourself restoring a metal boat with some rust issues, Star Brite has a special “Rust Eater and Converter” which buffers the rust damage and converts it into a solid form that can be sanded and painted. Best of all, Star Brite’s rust products have a special buffering added to them which make them much safer for conventional use.



When painting a boat, you often have to apply epoxies to rough edges, dents and dings. For small areas, a handheld two-part epoxy will often do the trick. Brite Star has an epoxy putty stick for super easy repair of small pinholes. They also have a putty stick for aluminum boats. Finally, if you have something larger than a pinhole, the epoxy syringe in clear is great for larger scratches and minor dings.

Brite Star also has a Polyether Boat Caulk, which is perfect for sealing teak deck seams. This boat caulk is a must for the seams in your boat, whether it be metal, fiberglass, plastic, glass or wood. This boat caulk also withstands the “work” (flexing) of your boat and won’t lose adhesion. So you don’t have to worry about losing waterproofing over time with this boat caulk. It can also be painted or sanded for that truly seamless look.

Brite Star makes it easy for anyone to make minor repairs to their boat and maintain the beauty of their boat. With maintenance being so easy, more boaters can keep their hulls like new for longer and spend less on major repairs since maintenance is they key to proper boat longevity.

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