The Cost of a Boat Paint Job and Doing It Yourself

Boating is a hobby to some people, while a few use their boats for their profession. With the passage of time, using boats excessively may fade its color. Some people try to contact many professionals. Others try to paint their boat all by themselves. When the gelcoat of a boat looks faded, then repainting apparently becomes necessary.

Aside from the apparent added great outward appearance, painting a boat protects and seals the gel coat. A smoother finish along with a good paint will decrease the friction between water and the boat surface, enabling it to move smoothly after an excellent paint is applied. Another important thing that must be kept in mind is that the quality of paint has a great impact on the boat. High-quality quality paint remains for a longer period of time as compared to the colors of cheap paints, which more often than not, needs reapplication after some time. Buying and using good-quality paint includes onetime cost and no tension.

The Price to Pay

Way back in 1984, $100 per foot will be your typical average price for application of paint including the preparation and the materials needed such as the urethane for the topside paint job. This price is usually for a work that uses bare gelcoat hull in a relatively good condition and if the hull has a number of problems and issues, then you have to prepare your pockets for more expenses. Considering our time today, this type of paint job will normally range from $200 to $250 with the increase in price of the materials involved in the work.

A $200 per for paint job will ensure you of a quality work-flawless and nice paint job if you contact the right service providers in your area. Any hulls that have runs and other marks which evidently need repairs should be repainted completely at this given price. If you budget, however, is below $100 per foot, then you must be just contented with your boat being painted in one color. Realistically, such a low price for a boat paint job is hard to find these days. Hence, if you are in a tight budget, you must learn to be happy with a boat shining in one color, but at least completely well done and durable with its quality.

Doing It Yourself

Boat Paint Job Cost

Boat Paint Job Cost

You may also try to just do it yourself to save you more money. Just buy the materials and you can go ahead and follow a few steps for painting. While selecting paint you must consider the water in which boat will be used. You can select paint type from the great selection of paint that is available on the market. You can understand the demand of your boat by reading different books and consulting a specialist. A huge variety of boat paint is created with environmental considerations. These paints are made for smooth travel in the water and protection for the boat.

If you are starting to paint your boat you must keep few things in mind; before buying colors for paint you must have an idea about what color you should use. You can make a sketch of boat and color in it; it can give you an idea how your boat will look like. Try to search Google with any images of boats. It can give you a clear picture of a good color scheme. Another way too is to consulting a boat specialist that can tell you about color schemes. Before starting to paint, you must remove the previous color if you are reapplying it. Unwanted rough layer must be peeled off with a razor blade. After that, clean the boat with water.

If you can get some soap or chemical for cleaning the boat, that would be great. The next step is to clean the topside wax. It can be done with the help of scotch-brite. Smooth surface is necessary for good paint, and it can be achieved with the process of sanding. After sanding , you need to apply the primer, and it can be done with the roll and dip method. You must have primer in elongated tray, and you can dip a roller just like a painting brush. For large areas like topside, you must roll vertically, and several coats should be used for smooth surface. This is the simple and cheap method of painting a boat. It only needs a little effort and some time.

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