Things You Need to Know About Boat Upholstery

A boat is a luxury that should not be taken for granted. As expensive as a boat may be to maintain, it is even more expensive to have it repaired. This is very true when it comes to a boat’s upholstery. Becoming knowledgeable about boat upholstery can save you a great deal of money down the road.

Upholstery, cushions and boat seat covers

These three items are important when it comes to the upkeep of your boat. A boat’s upholstery can be specially treated to improve its appearance and resist mildew. Ideally, upholstery should be simple to clean and durable. A boat’s upholstery does not only add some style and charm to your vessel, it can also help to protect the interior.

Where can you get upholstery done for a boat?

As the elements and time take their toll on a boat’s upholstery, the owner will eventually need to replace it. There are many companies on the Internet that specialize in boat upholstery. Most of them give free estimates, so it is in your best interest to call as many as you can. The prices they charge can vary widely.

Choosing boat upholstery

Durability is the most critical component that you need to search for when you are shopping for boat upholstery. The upholstery commonly found in houses is not subjected to nearly as much wear and tear as boat upholstery. The selection of a fabric that is durable is key. This is because the interior of your boat will be exposed to regular use, rain and sun. Marine vinyl is the material that most boat upholstery is made from. Marine vinyl fabric can be treated so that it resists mildew, it is simple to clean and it has the all-important durability that you need. If you are not sure what type of fabric is ideal for your particular location, talk to people at marinas around your area to find the type of upholstery that they use.

Boat Upholstery

Boat Upholstery

Maintaining and cleaning boat upholstery

Taking the time to protect, clean and treat your boat upholstery is the only way that you can ensure that it maintains its quality and longevity. Dirt buildup and dust should be regularly removed by cleaning the upholstery with soapy water or a fabric cleaner that is safe. In order to be certain that you are using the correct type of cleaner, you need to be sure what fabric your upholstery is made from. Fabric can be destroyed over time by harsh chemicals that are contained in various brands of cleaners. If you can not find enough information about the effect your cleaner will have on your upholstery, you should simply play it safe. Clean it with warm, soapy water. This is a safe cleaning method for the vast majority of fabrics. The most important thing is to be sure your upholstery is cleaned on a regular basis.

For added protection, you can also treat your boat upholstery with a water-repellant agent. Mildew is always a problem for boat upholstery. This is caused by the constant exposure to moisture. After the fabric of the upholstery has been allowed to dry after being cleaned, it can be sprayed with Lysol or treated for mildew resistance. If mildew is already present on the upholstery, there are kits that you can buy to fix the problem.

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