Things You Need to Know Boat Lettering

If you recently purchased a new boat, you are probably pretty excited about naming it. Once you decide on the right name, you can display it on your boat with vinyl lettering. When you get ready to purchase your lettering, you will find many options to give your boat’s name a nice style. When you choose to buy your custom lettering from a professional company, you will find plenty of options for adding style to your boat.

Even though you can create your own lettering, the lettering on the boat may not appear as professional as it would when you use a professional company.

To enhance your boat’s style a little more, choose the right size font for your boat’s lettering. Since different font styles convey different messages and meaning, you should carefully consider which font style you want to choose. When you use a professional company, you will find various examples of the different styles of font used according to the type of boat it will go on. For example, if you own a speed boat, you should use one of the electro type fonts for your boat. If you have a huge yacht, use a type of Artisan font.

Coloring adds a lot of beauty to the letters on your boat. You can contrast the colors of the boat lettering with the surface boat color, or you can come up with a completely different color scheme. No matter which colors you choose, remember that the more colors you select, the more it will cost.

Boat Lettering

Boat Lettering

To show some style with your boat, consider the size and placement of the letters on the boat. You obviously do not want to choose a large lettering on a small boat. The font size of your letters should align with the size of your boat. Similarly, choosing a large lettering style goes better with a larger boat.

The pricing of the lettering will vary. If you buy your lettering online, it will not cost that much. Another pricing factor is the number of colors you want to use. If you choose a lot of color and outlines for the letters, you should expect to pay more.

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