Vinyl Boat Lettering Tips

Boat owners understand the importance of keeping such a valuable investment in tip-top condition, and a great way to improve the appearance of your marine craft is to have vinyl boat lettering placed. While the process is a relatively simple one, there are some common questions owners have when considering the placement of vinyl boat lettering.

How is Lettering Size Determined?

There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when making the determination of letter size. First of all, a larger number of total letters to be placed will require them to be smaller in size. The space available for letter placement is also important. To get an idea of the final size, the height and length of the area to be lettered should be measured.

Is the Placement of Lettering Easy?

The process for installation of vinyl boat lettering is not difficult. Graphic designers are able to use computer technology to create a variety of attractive design formats and are able to print them to a scale that will match the boat. Upon the purchase of the lettering, step-by-step instructions will be included to provide the ability for anyone to produce a professional final product.

Where Can I Purchase Lettering?

Since the advent of the Internet, shopping for vinyl boat lettering has never been easier. A simple, online search will retrieve a number of reputable lettering companies that can assist with the project. Best of all, the entire purchase can be made in the comfort of your own home. Vinyl boat lettering providers are required to keep your online information secure, so there is no need to worry about security breaches when making your order.

Is There a Warranty Period?

Many companies do provide the peace of mind of a warranty period in the event that the lettering were to crack or peel. It is important to check if this is the case prior to making a purchase. Furthermore, follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure the product will last.

Vinyl Boat Lettering

Vinyl Boat Lettering

Can I Add Special Effects?

The most enjoyable part of installing vinyl boat lettering is the creativity that goes into the project. Boat owners want their water craft to stand out from the rest. During ordering, most companies allow for the production of custom lettering that will portray the boat in the individual way you wish. Arches, waves and other lettering effects are a great way to make your boat unique.

How do you Name Your Boat?

When ordering vinyl boat lettering, it is important that you are set on the name you will be dubbing your boat with. After all, vinyl boat lettering is intended to last for years, and it can be frustrating to have to go through the process of changing the name later. Many boat owners choose the name of a loved one to represent their boat while others prefer a play on words such as “Y-Knot”. The key is to be creative and take your time.

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