What You Need to Know About Boat Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics, lettering and wraps make a great addition to any boat. Vinyl lettering is a solid way to ensure that you can display your boat’s important information, like its name, port of call and any required license info that must be displayed. Vinyl graphics can add an element of flair to your boat’s haul design, to let you express your personality to everyone who comes by. Vinyl wraps are a simple, durable and cost-effective way to provide a bit of trim to your boat’s body lines.

Vinyl trim and lettering is cheap and easy to maintain. Your graphics can easily be purchased from shops that provide customized solutions. You can also order pre-made, simple graphics that cover a number of basic needs and common names. A quality graphics business can show you right on a computer screen what your finished work will look like. And many now offer same-day service for simpler designs.

You can do the application yourself. However, we strongly advise that you ask the graphics shop if they can apply the vinyl for you. Please make sure they are aware of what environments you will be using the boat in, so they can take that into consideration when making the graphics and also while applying them. Ask around to make sure you find a vinyl graphics business that has a good track record with marine vehicle graphics. A quality graphics firm will be able to show you samples of their previous work.

Newer vinyl graphics offer more than simple solid-color lettering. Modern vinyl graphics printers can produce a full range of photographic quality products. If you want to put a picture of your favorite scene or a loved one on your boat, you now can. Modern vinyl cutters also allow the cutting of almost any unique shape you can think of, so don’t be afraid to ask the graphics pro for something adventurous if that’s what you desire.

Boat Vinyl Graphics

Boat Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics packages can address an array of needs. If you boat in an area with specific lettering requirements, make sure you get your lettering done within the specifications for that jurisdiction. Names and registration numbers need to be a specific height. They also need to be readable, so make sure your graphics are a color that contrasts with the color of the boat’s haul for easy readability. If you get customized lettering, check with the local marine authority to ensure that the readability level of the font used for the lettering is acceptable within their requirements. After all, you don’t want to have to remove the lettering and redo it at a later point because it isn’t up to specs.

Vinyl graphics for boats now offer plenty of options. If you can imagine it, a vinyl graphics company can deliver it for you. Don’t be afraid to ask around until you find the professional who is right for you. Pretty soon, you’ll be captain of a boat that looks a little more slick than it did before.

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